Google Calendar (including through Google Apps usage) makes it easy for users to share calendars and events/appointments Internally. But what when your workflow requires you to share calendar events with external addresses? these are anything other than and the process has two options.

Option 1 - Occasionally included in calendar events

  1. If you only want to include the occasional external attendee in a calendar event, simply click Create.
  2. When you get to the Add guest field (pictured below), just add the recipients email address to include them in this one calendar event.

adding user to google calendar event

Option 2 - Having a permanently shared calendar
  1. Get your Google Apps Authorised Reseller to alter the apps settings in accordance with "shared calendar, external associates"
  2. Create a New Calendar in the My Calendars section on the left side of the screen. 
  3. Complete the Calendar name (viewable by both parties), Description and Timezone details
  4. At the bottom of the New Calendar screen find Share with specific people, and this is where you'll add the person you wish to share the calendar with.
    1. Please ensure step one has been carried out otherwise after adding a person the permissions will default back to See only free/busy (hide details)
  5. Once you have entered your chosen option in the dropdown list you may add the recipients email address in the left side of the same screen area (4#). This in an auto fill field, so if you have emailed the person before, their address should pop up during tying.
  6. Lastly, you can press the Add Person button back over on the right side of the screen again.

You and the recipient will now be able to share data throughout a shared calendar until one of you makes a break. Points to note:
  • You can change the colour of your shared calendar by hovering over the name of the calendar in the left side area of the main calendar view.
  • Do not change the calendar name unless both/all parties agree on this as all instances of the calendar name will be changed, across all users!

There are a few images below to assists with this process.


4#selecting the make changes and manage sharing option