If you already had a Gmail account, the chances are that you have been referring to Google Analytics through this account up until now.

We recommend using the newly created Google Apps account to now manage your Google Analytics with. This task will require some one-time actions to be completed, the sooner you make the changes the better your statistics will be for it.

  1. Login to your old Google analytics account - we do through our gmail account to achieve this
  2.  Add yourself using your [new Apps ] email account details under the User Management section of the Account settings. Google_Analytics.png
    1. This can be found under the Admin button in the top right of all Google Analytics windows. 
  3. Be sure to check Notify this user by email in order to receive an email update to your new apps address.
  4. When you receive the notification you will now have admin access rights to your historical and future analytics data

If you want to remove the association with your old gmail account, simply login with the correct credentials and follow step 1, and then downgrade your original access permissions associated before opting to delete the email address from record. This will then have passed all data ownership from your old gmail account to your new Google Apps account.