How to write a long-ish LinkedIn recommendation..without breaking a sweat!

Unfortunately there are far to many LinkedIn uses that end up "conveniently forgetting" to write your recommendation. Despite pushing the boat out and giving them the royal treatment as a client/customer. When it's your turn to be in those shoes (to busy), make sure you don't fall foul of the ways you may have been treated before.

Instead link to this service when wanting to write a nice recommendation - but don't have the time for it, though I'd only use it under special circumstances and definitely not all the time.

Essentially it allows the user to input a name [steve] and the output looks like this...

Steve is one of the best among all the people I have ever worked with. As I remember, Steve was a very productive person, is hardworking, broad-minded and forward thinking individual. Intelligent, ambitious, energetic and proactive perfectionist. Desire for proficiency and education makes Steve a valuable asset to the team. Working with Steve is a signature of success.