This article highlights a robust method of sending traffic directly to recommendations about you or others.

For the eager readers just wanting the solution.

Simply add "#endorsements" to the end of your profile URL, copy the whole url and share as desired.

The in-depth knowledge and solution follows.

The first point to note being that this method has worked on all varieties of LinkedIn URL I have tried, so its pretty useful! We've tested it on the following URL types:


If I select the Profile option when viewing my own profile I get this really long and ugly URL a bit like this...

I can do a few things at this point;

  1. Looking for my LinkedIn ID number "67904356" I can delete everything after that.
  2. I could also just add to the end of the URL ← easiest to remember.
  3. Or I can look for my snazzy "short" URL that LinkedIn gave me when I customised my profile. (see below), remembering to remove the forward-slash before adding to the URL ← neatest.
Which I get to by clicking profile and then scrolling down to just below the profile image.

Once I have the desired version of URL, all I need to do is add #endorsements to the end of it.

What if I want to forward someone else's profile (say, in an email link) can I do that?

This might be useful in the realm of recruitment, when sharing potential candidates around the office. For this example I'll use the last person that engaged with my own posts; Thanks for obliging Olivia :)

So I've used the LinkedIn search to find Olivia Davies and I'm looking at Olivila's profile and quite shockingly here's what the address looks like:-

I can (keypress) F6 to place the cursor in the address-bar automatically selecting the contents too. At this point I can just add #endorsements to the end, copy and paste the full URL where I need it...done.

Or if I want to tidy it up a little I can trim everything off the right side after Olivia's LinkedIn ID number (300961652) and then add #endorsements to the end again. Which gives you a slightly nicer looking

LinkedIn also provides get another URL for Olivia which I can access from her Contact Info tab, which looks like this:- and again I can just add #endorsements to the end giving you

This solution has been updated to build upon that of Lori Ruff's article which can be found here.