If you are a budding artist, or a superstar in your own right, you will probably know that being accessible is half the battle. And now Taylor Swift, and a few other artists have stamped their feet - quite rightly so...You should consider adding your catalogue of hits to Google Music as an Artist.

This brief article will help you understand the process Google puts you through and how you can easily complete these steps yourself, unless your to busy. Then we'd be glad to take that task off your hands, so drop us a message.

Getting in - it's a secret you know!

The hard part of this process is getting to the sign-up screen and Google don't exactly roll out the red carpet for to help you.

First thing is to claim your artist, and this is done by Signing Up.

Once you click Sign Up you'll be presented with a four step process, these are:

  1. The artist name
  2. Confirming you have logged in
  3. Signing the agreement
  4. Making payment

Searching for your Artist name - Step 1

Once on this page, type the name that you want to use for your alter-ego in the search box and hit search.

In the results from the search you will see all instances that include your search-term. If you see what you are looking for in this list you can click the select button, otherwise scroll right to the bottom and use the  button.

Confirming you are you - Step 2

In this step all you have to do is check that your using the correct (logged-in) Google account. You'll always have to access the Google Music Artist publish Page with this email account, so make sure you think it through.

Note: This email address stays private, in case you were wondering.

Signing the Agreement - Step 3

At this stage you have to complete two areas:

  1. Confirm if you are the artist or the management
  2. Check the "I agree" box

Note: If you are the management you will have two "I agree" boxes to check.

This is to ensure that you understand the terms of agreement with Google regarding Google Music. Simply select the correct radio button (artist/manager) and check the I agree box then hit the continue button.

Paying Google to join Google Music as an artist - Step 4

Once you are sure that you understand the agreement and you have agreed to it, Google will ask you for the payment fee to setup the artist page.

If this last step you are required to pay Google in order for you to access/own the referenced artist page you are wanted to claim. Google will require you to pay with Google Payments (Wallet). This account will be the reciprocating account when fans start buying your music and Google pay you your royalties.

Once you have completed the above steps you will have created your Google Music Artist Page. All you need to do now is upload your graphics, write the biography and add your songs/albums, with artwork.

To login to your Google Play Music Artist page use this link Login here.

click here to see Sean Seay's Google Music page

This support article was based off of our experiences when creating an artist page for our client Sean Seay. You can listen to some of Sean here, and you can learn more about our processes getting Sean an online presence for his single release ONLY ONE. Alternatively just watch the official video below.

ONLY ONE - Vevo video