Google+ social network

Sometimes you need to add, alter, or remove page managers that are attached to your business's Google+ page.

Quick start link -[REPLACE WITH YOUR PAGE ID]/pages/settings/admin

The steps in this solution can provide the following solutions:

  • Add an admin manager to the page
  • Add a content manager for communications usage
  • Transfer ownership to another Google user
  • Remove an admin

Accessing the correct settings

  1. Open up chrome (browser) and goto your company page, ie
  2. If you are already a page manager you will see a button at the top of the page inviting you to "manage this page"page manager button on google+
  3. OR, Hover over profile in the top left, scroll down and click on pages then select the correct page you wish to manage
  4. From the page management screen, click on the cog in the top right of the screen and select settings

    settings cog on google+ page manager

  5. On the pages settings page, click on Managers from the top menu bar

    selecting the managers settings on google+ page

  6. To the top-right of the screen you will see "add managers" in blue

  7. When you click this button you are given a few options

Why Invite New Managers?

  • You may want to add a new manager for the page to your team. Simply leave Managers selected in the bottom-left of the popup window to have the "new manager" email recipient become an admin manager for your page. 

  • You may want to share the responsibilities of managing visitor interactions with other team members. Simply click Managers in the bottom-left of the popup window and select communication manager to have the "new manager" email recipient become a communication manager for your page. 

Transfer of Ownership

In order to transfer your ownership you must first have given the user/team member admin access via the above method. 

  • From the Managers menu select the dropdown arrow next to the users name you wish to transfer the pages ownership to.
  • Select "Transfer ownership to this user" and follow the remaining instructions.
  • As soon as the other user accepts the request, the action will be completed.

If you are wanting to take a Google+ page with you, leaving your attached Google account to the wind this is a great way to keep the page alive.