During a project with Showcase Imagery we may ask you to provide images for use within your project.

While there are many ways to do this; you may have your own, you may be able to create them internally or you might need to rely on a third party. In the case of the latter, we recommend using a professional provider of stock imagery so not to fall foul of infringing copyright on anyone's work.

Note: We do not advocate copy and pasting of images via a search engine - this will only end in trouble! We have warned you! 

Please follow one of the following guides to get up and running with a recommended stock imagery provider

Type a search phrase into the box on our stock imagery page to start you off. Search for a phrase like "business management signs" for example.

If you only require a few (2 or 3) images, do the following:

  1. From your search results, click the image you want to consider for use in the project.

    selecting an image

  2. On the image page that opens (near the bottom right of the image) you'll see a download button. Click this button to download a "preview" of the image. Note: It will have a watermark in it, but fine that's ok for a draft choice.

    how to download a preview image on yaymicro

If you want to Share a collection of images with others then you will need to follow these steps

  1. When you're at the YayMirco images page you need to Sign up

    signing up to yaymicro

  2. After completing the very simple sign-up process, you will be logged in automatically

  3. Find the Project Folder by looking in the top-right, where you just signed-up, hovering over the words will reveal an option to add a folder

    finding the project folder in yaymicro

  4. Type a name to represent your project and click add. This can be anything you like, as long as it means something to you when you return here next

  5. You will now notice that the project name has changed from "default" to (my new project) whatever you named it as

    creating your project folder in yaymicro

  6. Type a search phrase into the search box to narrow your results down

  7. When you want to consider an image now, all you have to do is press the add to project button beneath any image in the results

    adding an image to a yaymicro project

  8. When you have finished searching for images, simply head back up the page to the top and click on the project folder name, next to logout.  Note: You can break-out into other phrases and don't have to stick to the original phrase!

  9. You will now see all of the images you have selected for this project - later you might want to come back here and move the images to the shopping cart, but right now we're interested in a draft-copy for you and us to talk through. So scroll down the page and click the make public button

    make project folder public

  10. You can now share this public link with us for discussion and consideration

    sharing a public folder with others on yaymicro

    You can always hide the folder by selecting hide in the future. And bare in mind, if you haven't given the link to somebody, its extremely unlikely the folder would be found by anybody else using the stock website!