In this article you'll learn how to review the services of Showcase Imagery on Google+; which will leave your recommendation for listing on Google Search results.

How to get your own link for recommendations.

adding a review for a business on google+

The simply method:

  1. Following this link will take you to the Google+ business page for Showcase Imagery and automatically open the review panel.

The complete process method:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Google services.
  • You can check this by going to In the top right you will see your profile picture if you are logged in (see image)
  • how to see if your signed-in to Google services

  • If you aren't signed-in then please do so now.

  • You can now visit our (or any other) Google+ for business page -
  • Next you will want to find the review button
    1. This pencil is on the left side of the cover image 

       and directly opens up the review panel.

    2. Below the cover image is the following headings About ¦ Posts ¦ Photos ¦ Youtube ¦ Review

    3. The most obvious option is the Review summary box directly below the page headings (under the cover image).

    • review panel for Showcase Imagery
  • After you have located the review panel, simply leave your comments and recommendation and press publish

  • How to get your own link for recommendations on Google+

    Direct URL to Google+ reviews

    If you visit this link, you can find out what your direct URL for asking for reviews on Google+ will be.