Hootsuite Pro (for Business)

Will talk you through how you can add us to your plan as an inclusive (no additional cost) team member, the benefits we bring are best practices, setup and configuration and ongoing support to you. Unfortunately we are unable to create your Hootsuite (Pro) account for you due to data-protection and your personal billing options. 

The first step is to create your Organisation.

1. To create an organization

  • Click your user profile icon on the left-aligned launch menu.

  • Click Start collaborating with others.

  • Create an organization
    1. Type organization name.
    2. Optional: Click to upload organization image or icon from your device. We can actually do this for you IF we've been creating your marketing material.
    3. Optional: Click to select social network(s).
    4. Click Create Organization.

Next you need to invite us to your Organisation.

    2. Inviting Members to an Organization

Inviting members to an organization improves its effectiveness, while empowering members to become more engaged. Members can be invited by the super admin or admin, and the invitee must have a HootSuite Pro account.

To invite a member to an organization

  • Click your user profile icon on the left-aligned launch menu.

  • Click Manage beside the organization name.
  • Under Members In This Organization, click Invite Members.
  • Invite member(s) to organization
A. Type email address. To invite more than one member, separate each email address with a comma or by pressing SPACEBAR. You need to add joz@showcaseimagery.com in this field!
B. Optional: Type a message.
C. Optional: Click to select team for member(s). The team must already be added to the organization to populate in list.
D. Click to select permission level. It's at this stage that we need to gain Superuser permissions in order to setup and maintain the rest of the functionality for your account.
E. Click Add User to Organization

Note: This will automatically add the member to your organization giving them default permissions (please check step D above), and the member will receive an email informing them they have been invited.

If you've managed to jump the gun and got here early, simply go to Hootsuite and signup now then return here to complete the above steps.